Katelyn Lindsey

vincit quae se vincit

A screenshot of vincit quae se vincit, a story I wrote for my DTC 354 class.
Made using Twine and CSS

vincit quae se vincit is an interactive story that I created in Twine. It takes place in a medieval world, and tells the story of a girl growing up in a cabin in the outskirts of a small town. All of the music, besides the rain and the birds, was composed by me for this story.

Annie's Dollhouse

A screenshot of Annie's Dollhouse.
Made using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS

Annie's Dollhouse is a simple horror game that incorporates riddle solving. It takes place in an abandoned house where the main character has found a talking doll who wants to play a game - a bad scenario for any character. This game was featured in the CMDC Nouspace Student Research Gallery, Exhibit 26. All JavaScript was scripted by me.

A Tour of My Brain

A screenshot of A Tour of My Brain.
Made using jQuery, JavaScript, and HTML5/CSS

A Tour of My Brain is a project I created as an artful representation of the inside of my brain. It uses a combination of JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery plugins.