Katelyn Lindsey
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Sound Design Demo - Ambience & Sound Effects

A screenshot of the thumbnail of the video that says 'Post-Production Sound Demo'.
Edited using Premiere Pro

This video is a short demo reel of my skills in post-production sound design with an emphasis on ambient sound design and sound effects. All audio was added in post - most of the stock videos I used did not originally have audio, or I deleted the original audio to create my own.
All footage used was stock footage in the public domain. All audio used was either in the public domain or CC licensed (links in the description of the YouTube video).

Without Light - Background Music

Made using MuseScore

This song was composed by me for a video game called Without Light, a college project created by the Dapper Dingoes (our team). For this project, we decided to study social anxiety and create a game where the main character Alex has to overcome social anxiety to leave the house. With this song, I wanted it to be both melancholy and hopeful to symbolize the journey of Alex.

The Village of Kotem

Made using MuseScore

I composed this song as a theme for Kotem, a village in my story vincit quae se vincit.