Katelyn Lindsey

Without Light - Background Music

Made using MuseScore

This song was composed by me for a video game called Without Light, a college project created by the Dapper Dingoes (our team). For this project, we decided to study social anxiety and create a game where the main character Alex has to overcome social anxiety to leave the house. With this song, I wanted it to be both melancholy and hopeful to symbolize the journey of Alex.

The Village of Kotem

Made using MuseScore

I composed this song as a theme for Kotem, a village in my story vincit quae se vincit.


Made using MuseScore

This song, originally nameless, was composed for a college project. I meant for it to be an epic and dramatic introduction to a multiple movement piece that I plan to create in the near future. This will be the first movement in the composition.