Katelyn Lindsey
@katecoded on GitHub

The Whimsical Castle - A Text-Based Adventure Game

A screenshot of the command line with the text-based adventure game running.
Made using Python

The Whimsical Castle is a text-based adventure game written in Python that runs on the command line. You play as a person who, upon waking up, finds themselves lost in a magical castle full of strange and wondrous objects. It is up to you to uncover the secrets of the castle and the reason for your current predicament.

This game was created and developed by Fedor Titov, Katelyn Lindsey, Apoorva Magadi, and Mason Stiller as a capstone project for CS 467.

Color Palette Generator

The ocean at sunset with a 5 color color palette beneath it.
Made using Python and Flask

This Python application, made using Flask, generates color palettes based on themed nature photos. The user can either choose a theme and amount of image choices, or choose "surprise me!" to get a medium amount of random images, and an assortment of nature photos (chosen by a randomizer service) will be displayed. Choosing one of these photos will generate and reveal a color palette based on the colors within the image.

This application was created as a portfolio project for CS 361: Software Engineering I.

Now iTour

A photo from the trailer of the tour, including four people wearing RealWear headsets.
Project Role: App Programmer and Researcher
Made using Java

An interactive Android tour app for The Historic Trust that uses the RealWear HMT-1 augmented reality headset. Included a white paper for RealWear on Bluetooth Beacons, GPS, and QR codes, along with tests of their use using the HMT-1.

Otherworldly Games Database & Website

A screenshot of the homepage from the otherworldly games website that links to the project's github page.
Made using Node.js, Handlebars.js, MySQL, and JavaScript

Created by Katelyn Lindsey and Nancy Nguyen, this database and website project represents a board game library on an alien planet. Aliens across the galaxy come to Otherworldly Games to fulfill their quest for fun board games with their intergalactic buddies. This database represents the information the library needs in order to run its business, including checking out games and tracking customer records, as well as keeping track of the creators, genres, and other details about the games in order to obtain the right game for everyone's needs.