Katelyn Lindsey

Now iTour

A photo from the trailer of the tour, including four people wearing RealWear headsets.
Project Role: Programmer and Researcher

An interactive Android tour app for The Historic Trust that uses the RealWear HMT-1 augmented reality headset. Included a white paper for RealWear on Bluetooth Beacons, GPS, and QR codes, along with tests of their use using the HMT-1. Made using Java.

Annie's Dollhouse

A screenshot of Annie's Dollhouse.
Made using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS

Annie's Dollhouse is a simple horror game that incorporates riddle solving. It takes place in an abandoned house where the main character has found a talking doll who wants to play a game - a bad scenario for any character. This game was featured in the CMDC Nouspace Student Research Gallery, Exhibit 26. All JavaScript was scripted by me.

A Tour of My Brain

A screenshot of A Tour of My Brain.
Made using jQuery, JavaScript, and HTML5/CSS

A Tour of My Brain is a project I created as an artful representation of the inside of my brain. It uses a combination of JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery plugins.